About Carmen C. Rivera:

Carmen2015Carmen C. Rivera is a proud Chicago-born, Humboldt-Park-raised Puerto Rican/French Creole multicultured woman who loves where she lives and the city she comes from. 

I embrace my culture and the culture of all that surrounds me.

She take pride in the City of Chicago and ALL the neighborhoods that make it what it is. 

I’ve traveled quite a bit in my life and have lived in a few different places, so believe me when I say there’s no place like the Chi!!

A FIERCE mother of 3 boys, child advocate and voice of abused children, Carmen serves on many local boards hoping to make changes where child welfare is concerned. She believes no child should suffer nor live in FEAR, ever.

A proven multimedia professional, writer, commentator, digital and social media maven, Carmen loves knowing what’s going on before everyone else does and has over 17 years of bringing you what you read in some form or another, everyday! (YOU just didn’t know it!)

Carmen also is a lover of vintage coats and purses. She knows her stuff so if you want to pick up something one-of-a-kind and beautiful, follower her for tips on where to find all that is vintage around the area too!

Carmen hopes to keep learning new ways to connect the world, especially the one right outside your door. Most of all, she hopes her children learn from her passion and drive that “easy come, easy go and hard work is the only way to get paid” rule of life. You have to HUSTLE hard to live well.

Now, I want to give back … give back what the city and all the good people in it have to offer and all it has taught me along the way: that’ it’s an AMAZING place with lots of diverse and magnificent people!!

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About my Blog:August2012
Carmen en Chicago is a journal of my personal ventures and experiences of everything through my personal lens. I cover a vast and variety of local cultures that I may cross within “inner-city” Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. I’m willing to contribute in the mission to show off all that this grand city has to offer.

I love this city so I’m giving you all that’s good in Chicagoland. I’m no expert on any matter other than my opinion. My passion is ALL cultures. Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Pilsen, Little Village, Andersonville, Hyde Park, Albany Park, Chatham, Lawndale, Noble Square, Oak Park, Berwyn, Glendale Heights… CULTURE is EVERYWHERE, so tell me what you’ve got going on, when it is, and I’ll tell you what I think of it and why! I’m a real person with a real opinion. Entertainment, Cultural Events, Neighborhood Festivals, Music, Dance, Theater, Politics, Celebrities. locally and nationally, whatever is GOOD for the community and those that surround it, I want YOU to know about it! That’s my mission and I hope you enjoy it.

I do hope to see you around– Where?!  con Carmen en Chicago!!

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