Hot! Nick Cave Commands Chicago

“Watch him as he glides across the stage like the Devil beckoning you to the dark side, babe,” my boyfriend instructed just as the show began. He, the real, die hard fan spoke the truest words that were said to me at the beginning of the show as the tall, lanky man with jet black hair appeared on the stage on this April fool’s night, in Chicago.

Nick Cave, along with six member band the Bad Seeds, gave a damn good performance for someone who I thought would be perched on the edge of a stool for calm and subdued weeknight show. I only thought this way because I had never seen him before and assumed the show would be much more tame than it actually was. What a pleasant surprise.

Nick Cave at Chicago Theatre – Photo courtesy of Bobby Talamine

Cave, 55-year-old rock legend whom I have discovered only this past year, moved me and the rest of his fans while adorning a black suit jacket and pants with a crisp white, opened at the collar shirt, underneath the jacket. He jumped, kicked and gyrated about the stage with such force, I thought for sure he’d kick a rip into his at least one part of his clothing before the night was over, but he never did.

Fiddle man, Warren Ellis had me and any others spellbound with the way he ripped at his violin during Cave’s hit “Stagger Lee.” The violinist cracked me up when sending his instrument sliding across the floor demanding stage hands and engineers to send one back quickly where he could saw at it again, only to destroy a bow or two in the process.

This show had combustible energy as Cave barked orders the crowd such as “Get these damn chairs out of here” motioning to the from row of seats added for his sold out show and “Never mind these guys up front, move in closer to ME” referring to security guards at either end of the stage.  The funniest order from Cave was “Give me a BLOW JOB“! What an entertaining show that I’m certain the usually veteran ushers of the Chicago Theratre were not expecting the polite but very boisterous crowd on that night.

A vast variety of Cave fans populated the theatre. From tatted-up admirers to a sixty something looking year old couple wearing overalls holding hands while singing the Cave’s “Murder Ballads.”

It’s clear to me why Nick Cave has a distinct sound and style.  I can hear his smooth methodic rhythms in each song. Some easily notably off a movie soundtrack while other hits simply summon you to grab his “Red Right Hand.”

To my boyfriend’s pleasure as well as his dismay, I will be lusting after this sexy man for a long time time to come. I do thank him for introducing me to yet another rock n’ roll legend and I can’t wait for Cave, Warren  and the Bad Seeds to come through Chicago again soon.

Check out the great photos courtesy of Rock n’ Roll Photographer, Bobby Talamine.