Hot! Gallery Jeff Buckley 15th Annual Tribute Concert at Uncommon Ground

Another tribute band, really?!

The thought of covering yet another tribute band didn’t exactly make my heart skip a beat when I was invited to the 15th Annual Jeff Buckley Tribute Concert.  

15th Annual Jeff Buckley Tribute Concert


Another show with another host of diehard fans trying to emulate a deceased artist? How original.

But, being a new Jeff Buckley fan, I jumped at the chance to hear what these musicians would bring to Buckley’s legacy.

Although I’m just a newbie fan, I’ve also become a passionate fan, immersing myself in the hows and whys of Buckley’s short life. From documentaries to every piece of music that that I can find, I’ve become virtually obsessed with his soft, soul but painful wails so I’m in for anything Buckley at this point. When Michael Cameron owner of Uncommon Ground held the annual event, I jumped at the chance to check it out.

Ten acts would participate in the annual event. Thankfully these were not just average “cover” artists. The artists that were chosen to perform for the 2-day concert were artists with their own works and sounds but they all shared a love for Buckley and his legacy.

Musical talents included: Tora, Gareth Woods, Patrick Gemkow, Michael Chorvat, Daniel James, The Empty Pockets, John Condron, Todd Kessler, Spencer Michaud and Jennifer Hall.

Each act chose a selection or two of Buckley’s to perform, along with an original song to showcase of their own musical styles.
From Daniel James, who demonstrated amazing raw gifts at only19 (he was still in diapers when Buckley was roaming the clubs in NYC) to soulful, pint-sized Jennifer Hall who closed the show, all the artists who showered the audience with just the right mixture of tribute and style to honor Buckley’s memory.

The event not only showcased the talents of these local bands, but also supported a cause — A portion of the net proceeds from the concerts was donated to the Old Town School of Folk Music to help with its scholarship funds.

Cameron holds the event annually at Uncommon Ground, which located at 3800 N. Clark Street, in Chicago. The menu is fabulous, with craft beers and a well tended bar. Most of all, Cameron is a true supporter of local music and musicians.

Check out the magnificent photo gallery of the night’s talent courtesy of David S. Delamancha