Hot! Gallery Artists on the Bluff

Skatepark, garage sales, art festival and a public library?!

I only expected the first item on the list of my things to do. So imagine what a surprise this change of (my crazy) pace this welcomed breath of fresh air was when I reached the Northshore town of Lake Bluff, IL.It introduced itself to me out of nowhere and I for one, can really appreciate the step away from the usual “city” grind that I am so in love with, everyday. It’s just what I needed, especially on this beautiful but stressed filled Saturday afternoon.

Asylum Skatepark

After dropping off my 17 year old and his friends at Asylum skatepark (the only indoor skatepark that I am aware of in the Chicagoland area), I searched to find something to keep me occupied on this gorgeous day. I was determined to make it a good day. Only after asking the “dude” at the skatepark what my options were for the day and him uttering the words “Gurnee Mills“, I knew I was on my own. Really?! Is that place still open?! I didn’t like it then and I sure as HELL wasn’t keen on hanging out there for 4+ hours, ever.

I thought to bring my laptop and other equipment and just sought out the library. I have a lot of work to do, I thought. I’ll find somewhere to camp out.

Artists on the Bluff; Lake Bluff, IL

On my way to the library, after missing 3 exits that would’ve taken me right to it,  recalibrating my map, I ran into “GARAGE SALE” signs… PERK went my head and u-turns quickly followed. I went to 4 garage sales, to be exact. I bought a wing chair, that will need reupholstering, a Charles Schultz Peanuts book on “Happiness” (which was very called for on this day and one can never have too much Happiness inspirations around). I also found a really cool Batman action figure and a neat folding table for my 4 year old (or me) that would have many purposes.

Pleased with my treasures, I sought library time and only then did I run into the very coolArtists on the Bluff 2012 Art Festival”, located on the Village Green of Lake Bluff. Very cool indeed.

It was a quaint little festival but nonetheless, talent was all about the field. There were a variety of artists and were all pleasant and kind enough to explain their works to me when I asked. I feel the need to list all these talents. They included: Lori Beendorf, Toni Wiese, JacquiBlatchford, Sheila Brandon, Edie Ottorman Risher, Beth Engle, Beverly Behrens, Nancy Dewar, Pat King, Kristen Ashley, Sandie Bacon, Jenni Faulk, Lezlie Lenz, Diane Chikos, Allison Tracy, Sally Becker Keller, Sandra Noble, Lois Ryan, Dee Benish, Pat Falligant, Helga Schwarten, Paulette Colo, Thomas Trausch, Allison Tompkins, Linda Kollacks, Mary Anne Donahue, Debra Coe, Tanya Cooper, Janet Parry, Tim Rodanhisler, Glen Sung, Leslie Scott, Marianne McKoveck, Priscilla Humay, Brian Willard, Phoebe McMillan, Carol Gilbert, Matt Goldberry, Michelle Everett, Skip Wiese, Jeanie McCole, Phyllis Churbuck, and Jean Grost. With Sipos & Young providing entertainment and Maria’s Bakery, from Highland Park feeding me a sausage and pepper sandwich when I could hold out no more, I’d say it was a GREAT day! The Cooling Station also kept me cool with an ice-cream treat before it was time to go.

I did finally find the Lake Bluff Public Library, a desk with a window perch (and some much needed power) and got to work. The kind librarians let me stay there until closing time! Lake Bluff is new to me but I will be back. It has some of the sweetest people I’ve met in a long time.

I hope your Saturday is filled with the treasures as mine was this day and you experience something new in fun..where?! Not just en Chicago but around Chicago!

Check out some of the cool pics I took along my day.