Hot! Gallery Steve Starr in Hollywoodland for Oscars 2012

Dear friend and celebrity photographer, Steve Starr hit up Hollywood Land, California to check out all the starrs for their biggest night of the year, the Oscars.
Check out his take on the most glamorous night in Hollywood.
Starrlight Hollywood Land
By Steve Starr

Steve Starr covers the 2012 Oscars in Hollywood Land USA

Flying over the gorgeous, snow-dusted southern ridges of the purple blue mountain ranges towards the magic city is always a thrill. It was Oscar weekend.

 Once in Los Angeles, I was greeted by my ameInable host, actor Ken Brown, formerly of Chicago and now living in Hollywood, who invited me to stay at his suite located directly across the street from the famed 1927 Roosevelt Hotel, home to the very first Academy Awards. There, I was a few quick steps away from Hollywood Boulevard and the Oscar ceremonies at the Kodak Theatre.
On Oscar morning I photographed journalists and reporters from around the world who gathered in Hollywood to cover the biggest event of the year. These are among the over 200 the faces that will appear in my future exhibition, The Face of News (coming soon to Chicago).
Celebrity journalist, Irene Michaels (I On the Scene) invited me to photograph and report on the exciting 22nd Annual ‘Night of 100 Stars’, produced by renowned agent Norby Walters at the iconic 1912 Beverly Hills Hotel, a lush haven for the most famous stars and personalities in the world.
Accompanied by my wonderful host, Mr. Brown, I met and photographed directors, producers, actors, and models, but also dozens of past Oscar winners and stars of old Hollywood – glimpses of a beautiful world that no longer exists. Here, they all assembled to walk a 250’ long Red Carpet, mingle and dine to view the most watched television event in history in the world – the Oscars.
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