Hot! Akira GOT The LOOK!!

A simple, straightforward fashion show from Akira Chicago, one would think…Not on your LIFE!!

Akira Chicago's 8th Annual Garden of Eden Fashion Show. Photo courtesy of Sebastian Biedron of

I would have expected nothing less than the line up of FABULOUSNESS that was premiered at the Grossinger City Autoplex, on North Avenue and Dayton in Lincoln Park, on this cool Sunday evening.

Akira Chicago’s 8th Annual Garden of Eden Fashion Show, via Akira founder, Jon Cotay and his remarkable team, was more notably a fashionable shopping event with everything available from wine, filling treats, breakdancers, frozen yogurt, luxury Cadillac vehicles to ogle over and so much more.

The event benefited Imerman Angels, an organization that pairs individuals fighting cancer with survivors they call “mentor angels“. Imerman Angeles representatives were about the layout spreading their good cheer and helping guests sign up and become aware of the organization and its cause. What a wonderful organization to beneift.

Akira Founder Jon Cotay and his parents at the 8th Annual Hall of Mirrors Fashion Show at Grossinger Autoplex. Photo courtesy of Sebastian Biedron, of

Upon my arrival, I was immediately drawn towards the irresistible Akria fare that was available for purchase (at discounted prices) before the show even started. I MUST admit that I was relieved (but sad just the same) I had left my major credit cards at home as I would’ve needed a truck to carry all the magnificent collections of fashions I had mentally chosen, once my shopping spree would have been complete.

Such a dangerous place for the addicted to shopping persons, like myself to hang out… Dangerous but what a great way to kick off the turn of the shopping season where so many deals were readily available for purchase!! I’ve already promised myself to head to an Akira shop SOON!!

The runway show was an AMAZING modern spectacle of everything Akira shops offer, especially the attitude. These shows seem to always have that “Akira” ‘tude. [By MY OWN (in no way represents Akiras feeling on the matter:) definition the “Akira attitude” =¬† is a little bit of sass and a lot of style, if you were wondering]. I simply LOVE it!!

The Hall of Mirrors themed show evolved out of the 400,000 square foot of space at the autoplex. It was set up as a maze of white chairs so fashion enthusiasts would be surrounded by the runway and take in each part of the presentation for the new season.

All women’s wear displayed were exclusive clothing from Akira. Denim worn during one segment of the show was presented by WilliamRast. While women’s footwear were made available by: Jeffrey Campbell, Zigi NY, and Michael Antonio.

Men’s line up included fashions from: Penguin, which also introduced Richard Chai for Original Penguin and Ben Sherman. Denim shown was also by WilliamRast. While the men’s footwear included¬† PF-Flyers, Saucony, and Woverine.

Akira Hall of Mirrors Event at Grossinger Autoplex. Photo courtesy of Sebastian Biedron, of

Ford Models female troupe strolled down the multi-route catwalk with fun floppy hats, then changed up to structured military jackets and then adorned the ever classy fedoras during the six run show. They selected boyfriend looks and soft, elegant evening and hot and sexy late night looks to compliment the themes of each run.

Ford’s Models men were decked out in sweaters, slacks, coats, boots and long slouchy leg warmer looking socks. Each complete with wide rimmed glasses and a tie or a scarf to touch off the look.

Live music, fashion at its finest including rain boots, industrial wear, coats and even some soft but eye catching chain linked scarves were available even for the most selective fashion enthusiasts.

Everything Akira. The show, the music, the dance and the fans to complete the celebration. The needs for their fall and winter looks were complete and a great showcase to kick off upcoming seasons was delivered.

Lines of Akira followers were still moving at the after sets, hosted by Japonais and Underground Chicago.

Photos courtesy of the talented Sebastian Biedron, of

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