Hot! M.E.D.I.A Girls Foundation Kick-off Event this WEDNESDAY

M.E.D.I.A (Motivated Educated Dedicated Individually Amazing Girls) Foundation, founded by Chunjdria & Nekia Nichelle, will host a kick off event this Wednesday evening at 6:30 to 8 p.m., at the Lighthouse Youth Center, located at 4338 S. Prairie in Chicago’s historic Bronzeville neighborhood.

A panel discussion will be offered for girls ages 14-18 years old to enlighten them on the many different media careers available to them. Areas of interest will include: building self-confidence, maintaining self-esteem and demanding respect. It will also offer motivation and education opportunities so the young ladies may pursue careers in media, fashion or the entertainment industries.

Panelists will include some of Chicago’s top female media professionals:

• Barbara A. McDowell/BAM (Music Director for WPWX (Power 92)
• Kyra Kyles (Chicago Red Eye)
• Kathy Chaney (Chicago Defender)
• Demi Lobo (WGCI Radio Personality/Pop Singer)
• Bionce Foxx (Radio Personality/Producer for True Star Radio)
• Zondra Hughes (Rolling Out Magazine/WCIU Correspondent for Six Brown Chicks)
• DJ Niena Drake (Female DJ for WPWX) (Power 92)
• Carmen Rivera (Chicago Magazine)

Admission is FREE and food along with raffle prizes and gift bags will be given.