My 7 year old just asked me to find time to participate in the FIRST in-theater gaming league this summer…what could I say since […]

Oak Parker Magazine – Latina Matters – Why Should You Care About Latinos?

Check out my new column in The Oak Parker Magazine that sheds some light on why YOU even if you’re not Latino, should care […]

The Starr that made everyone smile

Stick your neck out like a turtle? Yes, a turtle! I met Steve Starr about 7 years ago, shortly after my youngest son was […]

Festival Cubano #4 at Riis Park

Not your typical ethnic festival. Although Lollapalooza pretty much consumed the rest of the city especially by the lake, for me and my photographer, […]

Nick Cave Commands Chicago

“Watch him as he glides across the stage like the Devil beckoning you to the dark side, babe,” my boyfriend instructed just as the […]